The 6 Most Popular Car Accessories You Should Consider Getting

It’s every car owner’s dream to make their ride more personalized and more functional. Aside from those costly car upgrades, another way you can make your cars unique from the others is by adding some useful accessories that add not just value to your car, but a few style points as well.

There are so many car accessories that you should consider getting and all of them are great in their own way. Of course, it will be impractical to riddle your car with every piece of accessory you can find online or in a store. That’s why it’s best to narrow down your choices with a few essentials instead.

When looking for a car accessory, make sure to get one that values function over style. This will make your car a lot better than it used to be. You don’t always need a car upgrade to make your car better. Here are a few car accessories that are definitely must-haves for your ride.


Do you have trouble keeping track of your navigation app and the road while you are driving? You put yourself at risk by looking at your navigation app and the road alternately. A good way to remove this problem is by buying Hudly, an overhead display car accessory.

To put it simply, Hudly is a transparent screen that you can place comfortably anywhere in your car. You connect your navigation app on it so instead of looking at your navigation app through your smartphone, Hudly makes it easier by displaying it on the screen instead.

Since the screen itself is transparent, you’ll be able to see the road while you are being guided by your navigation app. It’s a safer way to make sure that you reach your intended destination. It’s a plus that Hudly looks cool and sleek as a car accessory as well.

4Knines Car Seat Cover With Hammock

If you are constantly on the road with your dog, you should definitely buy the 4Knines car seat cover with hammock. This makes traveling with man’s best friend or with any of your pets a lot more easier on your car. With this car seat cover, you don’t have to worry about getting your car seats ruined.

Additionally, 4Knine’s latest car seat cover allows it to be set up as a hammock in the back of your car. If your dog is feeling anxious or tired after a long day, simply set up the hammock and let them rest comfortably in the backseat as you drive back home.

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Smartphones are a good way to upgrade your car. It’s a system that allows you to get not just countless hours of entertainment for your ride, it also gives you access to various apps that make driving safer and easier. Now, you’re no longer limited to your smartphone when upgrading your car.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are tablet-like gadgets that are installed in your car professionally. It acts like a central system for apps, entertainment, and security inside your car. To put it simply, it turns your regular car into a smart car with what the gadget can do.

If you’re looking to install these accessories on your car, you are looking at spending around $200-$600 which includes the installation fees. It’s a bit pricey but savings can be made through coupons. Kohl’s sells these products and they constantly hold sales so check them out for huge price cuts.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both constantly evolving because of updates. Making your car do more with less can’t get simpler than installing these.

Klashwerks Raven

Dashcams are the best car accessories to have that will help not just with your safety and security, but also your capacity to drive properly too. One of the best dash cams out on the market currently is Kelshwerk’s Raven. It’s not just a simple dash cam too as it offers more than just a means for surveillance.

Raven lets you see where you’re going as all dash cams do. Additionally, it also gives you a clear history of the routes you have taken. The dash cam also features LTE cellular technology for maximum connectivity, as well as the ability to connect the Raven to a phone or desktop PC.

To put it simply, it’s an all-around dashcam that offers more than what you bargained for. It’s a good accessory to invest in for your safety and security.

Vivint Car Guard

Are you constantly worried about your car? THen the Vivint Car Guard is the accessory for you. It’s a small device that you can attach inside your car. The car guard will alert you if your car has been bumped or moved.

With this accessory installed, you don’t have to be constantly looking out the window to check if your car’s still okay. The Vivint car guard is compatible with other Vivint car security devices so you can easily protect your car fully.

Viair Portable Tire Inflator

You can never tell when your tires will give out and then you’re miles away from the nearest repair shop. If this is one of your common concerns, then you might want to get Viair’s portable tire inflator. It’s a compact solution to a big problem that a lot of car owners often face.

As the name suggests, this tire inflator can fit in your trunk easily. Aside from being portable, this inflator is also very easy to use. It’s good for emergencies or for when your tire deflates and you are far from the nearest repair shop. Tire inflators are commonly large but this one puts a lot of thought into convenience and portability.

Car accessories are a good investment so long as they add a ton of value to your car. There are so many accessories to choose from but these 6 accessories are currently the best you’ll find on the market. You only want the best for your car after all so try to look for these accessories the next time you go shopping.

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