The 3 Keys To Driving Safely Around Motorcycles

We have all heard the advice to “Check twice, save a life!” when it comes to making sure we share the road well with motorcyclists. However, as great advice as it is, it is not enough to prevent an accident. It is very important to make sure to drive safely when there are motorcycles around. 

Motorcycles are not like cars in that they are hard to see and the rider can’t react as if they were in a car. If you were not driving safely around them then an accident is more likely than if it were a car. Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney Gabriel Levin is trying to get people to understand how they can help to prevent motorcycle accidents to make it safer for everybody.

In this article, we will give you several tips to be able to avoid an accident with a motorcycle rider. 

1 – Always check your blind spots

Many car drivers feel isolated in their car and tend to get tunnel vision. Often, they are only looking at what is happening in front of them. We need to be better at continuously checking our mirrors so we know what the vehicles are around us. 

Every few seconds take a look at your rear view and side mirrors and make a note of what is happening behind you. Even if you aren’t planning to turn or change lanes anytime soon. It helps to do this as if something were to happen and you need to react, you will know what is around you.

Your blind spot isn’t so blind if you already know there is a motorcycle approaching so when you look in your mirror and don’t see it, you will check your blind spot to see if they are there. 

2 – Always use your turn signals

Whenever you are planning to turn, make sure to use your turn signals. If you are turning left in front of an approaching motorcycle and you don’t signal, then the motorcyclist has no time to react and will likely result in an accident. 

They can slam on the brakes and come in skidding like in a car. What usually happens is that they have to ditch the motorcycle and go down onto the pavement. This is extremely dangerous and leads to awful injuries. 

If they see that you plan to turn then they will be able to react within the right amount of time to avoid that happening. Even when changing lanes, you should put your turn signal on so there are no surprises. Especially if you didn’t know there was a motorcycle around.

3 – Don’t tailgate

Although tailgating another car is bad, it rarely results in more than a fender bender in an accident. This is not the case with a motorcycle. Always give plenty of space ahead of you in case you need to brake quickly. 

If you are too close and hit them from behind it can be deadly.

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