Gorgeous Amalgam 1958 Ferrari 250 TR 1:8 Scale Model Will Set You Back Over R200k

When it comes to accurate and high-quality automotive scale models, Amalgam sits at the top as an industry leader.

They have now announced the newest offering, the 1:8 Scale 1958 Le Mans Winning Ferrari 250 TR.

The insanely accurate model is finished in Rosso Corsa complete with period-correct livery elements. As you can see in the images below, it features operating doors, trunk, hood, and cabin covers, exposing the inner details of the interior components.

Open the bonnet (hood) and you will find the exquisite 3.0-litre V12 which actually looks like the real thing complete with wiring, hoses, and vehicle plaque.

Fancy adding this Ferrari to your collection? You will need to fork out $15,423 (approx. R230k).

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