Manthey Racing Release Performance Kit For your New Porsche 911 GT3

The Porsche 911 (992) GT3 is a remarkable car so the folks at Manthey Racing really had their work cut out for them to improve on the standard offering.

Say hello to the 911 GT3 Performance kit.

Cosmetically you will notice some new aerodiscs on the rear wheels which will only be available if you opt for the Manthey OM-1 lightweight wheels seen here. The discs are part of an aero package that also includes the angrier front splitter (with some flics), a new rear diffuser and a carbon rear wing.

The upgraded brake system comprises braided lines and racier pads, plus a Manthey 4-way adjustable suspension kit.

“The first performance kit for a new model series is always something special and I am very proud that we’re now able to present the initial results… I can’t wait to see how fast the car will be with the Manthey performance kit,” added Manthey Racing’s MD Nicolas Raeder.

The standard Porsche 911 GT3 stunned us all with a 6:59 lap of the Nurburgring so we can assume this kit will improve on that (we await a confirmed time).

Manthey says the new kits should be available in Q2 2022 and don’t affect the Porsche warranty.

Would you give your GT3 the Manthey edge or is stock the answer for you?

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