Top 6 Pros And Cons Of Installing Solar Street Lamps

Solar power is obtained from the sunlight to convert it into electricity. The solar-powered street lights are equipped with advanced batteries that are used to power these street lamps. These street lamps are highly efficient and ensure long-term reliability. The use of solar street luminaries has been widely adopted in several places and it also looks fashionable and gives the feeling of living in modern society. 

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Further in this article, we will get insights into the pros and cons of installing solar street lights in your neighbourhood. 


  1. Easy installation process 

The modular design of modern solar luminaries makes them easy to install with ease and convenience. These street lamps don’t have complicated wiring so you can install them just by following the user manual. The installation process involves a concentrated base and a battery pit. 

Also, the installation process doesn’t require a lot of labour or raw material. It’s a one-person job and you will get all the equipment and materials along with the main product. You don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on installing these street lights. 

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  1. Eco-friendly and energy saving 

The next advantage of replacing regular street lights with solar luminaries is that they are completely eco friendly and energy-saving. Sunlight is abundant in nature as it is a renewable source of energy. These street lights work by converting sunlight into solar energy which is used to generate electricity. 

They are completely eco-friendly. Once the batteries are very old and stop working efficiently, you can easily recycle them without polluting the environment.  There is no emission of any radiation and it is totally safe for the environment. Also, using a renewable source of energy is an ideal alternative to non-renewable sources of energy.

  1. Completely safe and highly durable 

New generation solar street lights are completely safe and highly durable due to the advanced features increasing their long-term reliability. You have to follow certain safety hazards in the case of traditional street lights because it works on alternating current and there can be risks regarding construction quality and power supply. 

There are very few safety protocols in the case of solar luminaries. Also, they are installed with innovative advanced features that make them highly efficient and increase their lifespan. They provide stable performance without incurring any additional cost. 

  1. Highly efficient and low maintenance costs 

Modern solar luminaries are equipped with an advanced MPPT controller, LiFePO4 battery and highly effective solar panels that increase overall efficiency and ensure optimum performance. The MPPT controller provides intelligent power control that ensures efficient charging and discharging. 

The latest LiFePO4 batteries significantly increase battery performance. It ensures higher discharge depth, increases life cycle, provides more storage and power capacity. These street lamps don’t require regular maintenance hence you don’t have to incur additional expenses on maintenance.


  1. Large initial investment 

Installing solar street lamps can be a huge initial investment as they are equipped with advanced and innovative technology and features that makes them highly useful. The cost of installing these street lamps for your neighbourhood can cost 3-4 times higher than the traditional street lamps. 

But if you can afford to install them then you won’t have to incur any additional expenses on installation and regular maintenance. Also, these are highly efficient and they have a higher life cycle that increases long-term reliability. Hence, it’s totally value for money. 

  1. Performance issue in case of bad climate 

Climate change can be a concern for these solar luminaries. The batteries are charged by sunlight and in case of bad weather, there might not be enough supply of sunlight that can cause performance issues and might prevent it from functioning efficiently. 

Also, too much high temperature can damage the battery and might result in affecting the battery life. Nowadays, new generation solar panels are highly advanced and can withstand any climatic change. It can give optimum performance even in the hot summer afternoon and cold winter mornings. 

The Bottom-line 

The solar power industries are developing rapidly and in coming times they will make more efficient use of photo electricity to save energy through a more innovative approach. Installing solar luminaries has several benefits over traditional street lights. But it has a few disadvantages as well. 

You don’t have to worry about the lifespan of these street lights. They provide long-term reliability without compromising on performance. These are the top pros and cons of installing solar street lamps in your neighbourhood.

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