Aventador LP760-2

So you reading the title of this post and thinking immediately that I have made a mistake. Wrong. British tuner company (Oakley Design) have already taken the latest and greatest raging bull and given it a tweak. Nothing too outrageous but a few exterior tweaks to make it more unique than it already is and upped the power from 700hp to 760hp. This is absolutely mad seeing as the all wheel drive system will be sacked and every bit of power slammed onto the rear wheels.
This upgraded Lambo also has wider side sills, larger side vents, a deeper rear diffuser and carbon fiber on the side mirrors, roof and engine bay. I think it looks fantastic and if you want to stand out even more than you already will in the standard Aventador then this is the buy but be careful with the power all at rear wheels, it will very quickly try to kill you.
Light Titanium Exhaust…
458 Italia done by Oakley Design

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