BMW 1M’s Becoming More Limited Each Day

The most anticipated and exciting BMW to be released in ages is being tortured on public roads. There have been not 1 or 2 wrecks. This number is up to 4 now. The most recent one happening in our own sunny South Africa (Pretoria). All 4 have been wrecked in only 2 weeks and can imagine there are more on its way. It is not a toy this car and clearly there are a bunch of idiots who think they can manage with this little dynamite package. I have attached one picture of each wreck but I can safely say that the one in Pretoria has been the most serious. I believe no one was hurt in any of the incidents.
1st Wreck in Korea
2nd Wreck in Poland (seems just this side is scraped)
3rd Wreck in Switzerland (25 year old test driving)
4th Wreck in Pretoria South Africa
 It is very sad to see that people take this car for granted and with the production numbers being set at about 500 units, we might see these little beemers become a collector’s item.
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