Guest Post: Modifying Nissan With Maxima Bodykit

There is nothing that could ever compare to the remarkable world we live in right now. The options that every consumer has right now are limitless and the ability we all have to customize and transform is unprecedented. Never before has a generation been able to both buy a personalized silverware set from anywhere in the world, and yet also a Nissan that has been altered to match our unique personality. Not only are these things possible with simplicity and relatively low cost, they can be achieved with out much effort.

 For example, if a driver wanted their Nissan to match a look that is more in line with what they saw as their own image, all they would need was to utilize a Maxima body kit. A body kit is an assortment of parts engineered to transform the vehicle to a desired look by using modifying replacement parts. A Maxima body kit would include parts such as new spoilers and side skirts, a front and back end side guards, front and back bumpers, new roof scoops, and possibly adding a new exterior paint color. For the past few years the body kit has grown in popularity, and as a result it is also seeing renewed interest in the automobile industry. This means you are beginning to find manufacturers that are including alternative options as opposed to the standard factory choice. This gives the driver the ability to change their car to standout in a determined style. In order to select the proper body kit, you will need to choose from what type of material you would like the kit to be made out of, which can be one of three. This can either be fiberglass, polyurethane, or carbon fiber, which is the most expensive. Fiberglass is light weight and has a low cost, however it is also not designed to withstand an impact. Because of this it has been limited to what projects it has been used for. One of the most popular of the three is polyurethane, which has much of the best qualities of the other two, but not the added cost. It is very durable and cost effective, but it also is much heavier than the others so it too will be limited as to what it can be used for. Of the three, carbon fiber is the most expensive. It is also durable, but it is also light weight and has a beautiful look to it when not painted. Because of this there are some who will use it for their engine hoods and leave it bare. Carbon fiber is often used in racing.

As continued interest grows more people will be interested in the Maxima body kit. This will have the possible side effect of adding welcomed technology and innovation to this already amazing field.

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