The New Lotus Esprit Is Nearly There…

This is the only project that managed to stay afloat after Dany Bahar was fired. The designers and engineers stayed focused on this car and apparently they are doing final testing as we speak. It is going to be up to the managers to decide what to do with the car as it is still far from a production model and if the owners, Malaysian DBR, decide to sell then we cannot expect to ever see it hit production. I really hope they make for one of two reasons. The first being the superb looks and lines of the Esprit. They have taken a giant leap in the modern direction and I think the designers have done a fantastic job with it. The second and more important aspect is that of the specs. Power will come from a KERS V8 with max output of 650hp and with a very light structure, this could be one of the ultimate track toys ever!

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