Do We Have a Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in South Africa? [UPDATE]

I have previously done a post on the Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Spider but now I have received a picture which shows a car that looks very much like one sitting in Johannesburg, South Africa. Novitec Rosso have lots of bits and pieces you can fit to your Spider and obviously you do not need to choose all of them (which seems to be the case here). This car shown in the picture below has 3 very prominent Novitec Rosso features namely; the black rear diffuser lip, the 3 equal sized black exhausts and the black NF3 wheels. Other items that the car could possibly have but not 100% certain is the suspension lowering, the side skirts and any of the front aerodynamic bits we cannot see from this picture. Obviously just by looking at the photo I can’t tell you if this car as had the power upgrades… 😉 I have configured a car on the Novitec Rosso configurator in an attempt to match the car we have in South Africa and I think this is pretty damn close! If you have any more pics or info on this unique prancing horse then comment below or hit us up on twitter. Very nice to know that we have cars of this nature in South Africa. Just last week we saw that we had an Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia cruising our streets

Update: I have received more pictures of the car for your viewing pleasure. Apparently the exhaust sound is simply out of this world! Click read more for all pics…

novitec rosso ferrari 458 italia spider south africa

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