Guest Post: What Cars of Future Will Look Like

Automotive designs are constantly changing and evolving, the vehicles we drive today will no doubt look totally different to the vehicles we will drive in the future.
Government regulations will likely have an impact on the way our cars look, not to mention safety features. So, what will they really look like?

They’ll Get Lighter

With the demand from customers and the government for safety features, cars have been getting heavier and heavier for years. However, in the last few years, vehicles have been made lighter. It’s likely this will continue, until they are as light as a feather, so to speak. The exterior will be made as functional as possible, while what’s needed for the interior should be reduced as much as possible. For example, seating could be made lighter. Bet you didn’t know the seating was one of the heaviest parts of a car’s interior?
The only thing that must remain is safety. It’s easy to compromise safety when trying to lighten the load. 
They’ll Slice Through The Air Like A Knife
The aerodynamics of cars will no doubt have greatly improved, allowing them to glide through the air like a knife through…well, air. Reducing the drag of a car is a big priority for engineers and designers, much to the delight of consumers. 
They’ll Save Lives
Ok, so for them to save lives they’ll actually need to hit you first. BUT they won’t kill you! This is because of a high demand for bigger front ends, designed as a sort of crash mat. There will be a space between the engine and the bonnet, which will absorb the impact and ensure minimum injury. Obviously this won’t mean pedestrians are wondering over the road will nilly, everyone should still take road safety seriously. However, serious accidents will have reduced dramatically in the future. 
Cool Design 
It’s predicted that the design of cars will become really out there, much more creative designs with a sporty feel. The sport luxury look is set to become immensely popular too, think similar to the most recent Cadillac, except much more futuristic. The Cadillac compact ATS already has an innovative design, which makes it look like it’s moving fast no matter what speed it’s at. Just think of what’s to come!
Cars of the future are not only expected to be stylish, but of course functional, and designed with purpose. BMW and Audi are companies that are already experimenting with this. 
Headlights…A Thing Of The Past?
Oversized headlights are quite popular in this day and age but it’s something that could be long gone on the cars of the future! Take a look at the Hyundai Sonata, this is a vehicle that took oversized headlights to a whole new level. There are reasons for doing this, some car makers whack on some oversized headlights to give the illusion of a smaller car face. 
This is something that is expected to get smaller and smaller in the future. Who knows, our future cars could be illuminated in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. We’ll find out in a few years!

This post was written by Joe Davies, car blogger on behalf on Tilsun Group, company car leasing professionals.
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