Guest Post: Why Would a Chevy Silverado Driver Want to Rent Tires?

Yes, it’s true. Individuals, especially Chevy owners, are looking for ways to stretch a dollar and renting tires is one of the ways they are doing it. Saving the amount of money it takes to outlay at once is one reason, but there are plenty of other reasons, too.  Most people, however, haven’t even heard that renting tires is a possibility. The idea of renting tires is so different that to most people it takes a lot of thought to get used to the idea. Since tires wear out, I’ve always thought about them as expendable. People normally don’t purchase disposable items on payment schedules. Payment plans are normally for purchasing large ticket items, such as houses or cars, but not usually for the accessories for them.

Why would anyone want to rent tires? Actually, a lot of the companies, like Rent-A-Wheel, rent tires using a rent to own system. Rent-A-Wheel operates similarly to rent-to-own furniture deals where credit checks are not done and there’s little to no down payment needed. They are only in eleven states, but have over eighty eight stores so you will come across one sooner or later. On these agreements, eventually you will own the tires you put on a monthly payment schedule. Companies such as RimTyme rent both rims and tires. For car owners that really need new tires, the idea that they can head home with brand new tires that they can’t purchase outright is invaluable.

Why has this industry sprung up? The poor economy is driving this market. We are told by the LA Times that 35% of the US homes possess a credit rating so horrible that they cannot get a credit card even if they wanted one. Compare that number with five years ago when it was only 27%. A number of individuals are having a tough time keeping their heads above water and if there is enough cash to pay for bills, there normally is not enough money left behind to take care of anything unexpected or for luxury items. It is very similar to what veterinarians and hairstylists tell us. A lot of products and services we all thought about as part of a typical lifestyle are now special purchases that we don’t’ make as often. The tire rental market has banked on the fact that tires a necessity. Many of those who rent tires are individuals such as Chevy truck drivers who really have to keep driving the truck to keep their job, but they also must keep it safe enough to carry the family.

The other kind of drivers that this kind of rent a tire program would really benefit are those people who own a car that uses a very large, specialty or otherwise prohibitively costly tire. SUV drivers, luxury car drivers and big truck drivers fall into this category. These drivers can get the specialty tires they want through rent-to-own programs and they can get the rims up to twenty six inches that they have always desired, but never imagined they could purchase. For example, check out the owner of the Chevy Silverado who always wanted to own four new off road tires. A tire rental company made this possible.  Drivers like these are helping to expand the rent-to-own tire market.

What you might not want to give as much thought to is the scary fact that by the time you actually pay off the tires, you most likely have paid over double the amount of what you would have paid by purchasing them outright like at a . But for individuals who do not have the savings and must get their car to pass inspection or return to work, this option is a godsend.  It also pleases those car owners who have always desired to have the tires and rims they have dreamed about.

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