[UPDATE] Are McLaren Already Working On A 1000hp Limited Edition P1?

These very recent spy photos indicate that McLaren could already be working on a limited edition of the new P1 hypercar. This model sports a new “XP2R” codename which makes you wonder if this could be packing even more power? It was spotted testing and filling up at the Nurburgring with the McLaren chief test driver, Chris Goodwin, behind the wheel. If it is to be a special edition, we can expect power to hit the 1000hp mark which will truly make this one of the fastest cars in the world. Price? Well it would certainly be close to the 1 million GBP mark. What do you all think of this? Hype for nothing or are we getting a limited monster from McLaren?

UPDATE: A source close to McLaren tells me that this is no different to the normal P1 but rather means ‘ Experimental Prototype 2 Rebuild’. This doesn’t rule out the limited edition thing but does rule out this being the edition.

[Pics via WorldCarFans]
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