Guest Post: 5 Top Tips for Reducing Your Motoring Costs

The rising cost of living has impacted most people across the country and so the last thing you want is your car to start draining your resources too. By following these handy hints, you can reduce your car expenses every month and ease the strain that car ownership can put on your finances.

Car Sharing
When factoring your morning commute, take a moment to consider car sharing. This is a great way of saving money on your gas bills and it also gives you a break from driving every now and then. Just make sure the person or persons you are sharing with is someone you don’t mind being stuck in a car with.

Swap Your Gas Guzzler
A more extreme solution to your car costs is to swap your larger vehicle for a smaller, more economical one. Unless you definitely need all that extra space and horsepower (mostly large families and those who tow trailers or caravans) you can get by with a smaller car. The money you save in insurance and gas will be compensation enough for a little less boot space.

Why Drive When You Can Walk?
If you need to make a journey but don’t necessary need to drive to do it, then don’t! Start walking or cycling for some of your trips and you will not only save money, but you will also get fit as well. And if you’re thinking ‘what about my friends and family?’ then why not get the whole team a bike and you can enjoy great days out together without it costing you a fortune.

Do You Really Need a Car?
Following on from walking instead of driving; if you absolutely have to drive but don’t want the expensive of a permanent car, then why not rent? You can find a great choice of dealerships across the US, including Rental Cars Augusta GA that can sort you out with a vehicle to suit your needs in no time. And if you use the car sharing tip as well, you can split the cost of your rental with anyone else who needs to travel with you.

Drive Smart
Sensible driving is not just good manners and keeps other road users happy – it can also save you money. Over-revving, excessive braking and speeding can all have an effect on your car and how much money it costs you. Save gas by keeping your speed down and look after the engine by driving smoothly and sensibly.

Keep Your Car Happy
A happy car is a fuel-efficient car. Regular servicing and maintenance will identify problems before they become serious and could save you money in the long run. Repairs are always cheaper and easier to make when the problem first starts so don’t ignore it or you may end up with no car at all! Local mechanics or those recommended by friends are typically a safe bet and are close by in case of any emergencies.

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