Lucra Reveal New V8 Sports Car

The new sports car by Lucra (Californian company) does not have a name yet but we do know that it will be based on the Cobra recipe which excites me. This 2-seater roadster will have a lightweight body a big V8 and all the right gadgetry to make it a proper sports car. The side profile is what grabbed my attention as it looks awesome but then I saw the front and my eyes went massive for all the wrong reasons. In my opinion the front end is not pretty at all and I would actually prefer not to look at it at all. It is extremely hard for small private firms to enter the market and if you plan on doing so successfully then at least make it jaw-droppingly beautiful! Apparently it will have eight tailpipes (4 on each side) which is pretty mental but doesn’t make up for the front! What is your opinion?

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