Toyota GT 86 Turbo and Convertible Axed

Recent reports have said that Toyota has decided to can their plans for the turbo GT 86 and the Convertible models. No definite details have been released yet but Automotive News reports that Toyota thought the models would be too expensive to develop. We saw the GT 86 Convertible unveiled at Geneva which at the time was called the FT-86 Open Concept and this was apparently to gauge the reaction to possibly developing the car. As far as I know the reaction was hugely positive and massive interest was shown. The high-performance turbo Toyota GT 86 will also not be made even though we heard via the chief engineer that they were going to introduce a high-performance variant in the car’s life-cycle. This is a pity on both occasions I think. What you all think? You could always ask the guys at NCE to make you a convertible but that will come with quite a price tag!

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