Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition Revealed

This is one of the coolest cars I have seen. What better way to put the longest produced model in automotive history to end by making a special edition. This VW Kombo Last Edition is being built by Volkswagen Brazil and because it will be limited to 600 units, I would imagine them turning into a collector’s piece rather fast! 56 years of production this model comes in a two-tone white and blue scheme fitted with whitewalled tyres and white centre caps. Inside the two-tone theme continues but they have gone and fitted curtains to the side and rear windows, just like it was when it was first produced. I am pretty sure these will sell like hot-cakes and even though it only has a 1.4-litre engine that was produced in the mid 1970’s there is something special about this ‘modernised’ icon people carrier. The worst part? It is only being produced and sold in Brazil but I am sure if you have the right connections, you could bring one into sunny SA where it would be perfect for your beach house or roadtrip!

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