New Honda Civic Type R Is Very Brash

The hot hatch market is really starting to include some unsuspecting competitors and now we have the next generation Civic Type R to look at too. The car was shown in ‘production spec’ with no camouflage so we can expect to see it officially unveiled very soon. It shares all of the bodywork from the standard Civic but it is given bolt-on elements to beef up the racing look of the car. This is quite in-your-face with the big rear wing and 4 large exhaust pipes so you are bound to turn your head a lot more when seeing this compared to the Golf GTI. So what is powering this new little monster? A 2.0-litre VTEC Turbo which will produce over 280 hp and in conjunction with a limited slip differential we are looking at a track hungry car. Why are they making such a big fuss about this car you may ask well to put it simply, Honda want to knock Renault off the perch of fastest FWD production car around the Nurburgring. Stay tuned for some official stats and photo’s.

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