Horrific Mercedes A45 AMG Crash In Nelspruit South Africa Claims Two Lives

A horrific accident occurred in Nelspruit, South Africa, last Friday night which claimed two lives. The 26 year old male driver was declared dead on scene and the passenger sitting behind him (apparently 15 year old male) died on the way to hospital. There was a 3rd passenger in the back of the vehicle who recorded the whole incident on his phone but miraculously was not injured. The video showed the speedometer at one point and first responders who watched the video said the speed “was very high”. The accident happened at about 1 in the morning and after the driver swerved for some reason, lost control of the car at an extremely high speed, the car impacted with an overhead sign post which tore the little hatch open like a can and resulted in the driver being flung from the vehicle. It is so sad to hear about stories like this but I am sharing it with you because I hope it teaches or highlights the possible consequences of driving irresponsibly (especially with passengers). May the two boys rest in peace.


[Source and full article (in Afrikaans): Lowvelder]
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