New McLaren Supercar Confirmed… Will Sit Between 12C and P1

McLaren Automotive chief, Mike Flewitt, has confirmed that McLaren will be expanding their lineup with a model to bridge the gap between the 12C and the P1. The model is being referred to as the P15 but is still “quite a long way off” according to officials. We know that it will receive a revised version of the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8. What we do know is that the price will be wildly different to the 12C in a sense that it could cost almost 3 times as much as a 12C. Just like the 12C, there are several derivatives planned namely; Spider and lightweight (stripped out) version. I am really looking forward to seeing what it will look like but for now the team over at Autocar have done this basic rendering. This car excites me! Keep in mind that we should be seeing a revised 12C this year already to compete with the Ferrari 458 Speciale. I am sure we will see some shots of this car very soon!

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