Guest Post: Fuel Efficient Trucks, and the Environment

The price of fuel is always on the rise, so the cost of running trucks is forever increasing also. The environmental impact of the construction of some of the hybrid vehicles often offsets any savings on emissions that you may get if you purchased one of these. Everyone is waiting for the new technology to bring us endless amounts of clean energy, but until that day, we need to conserve the dwindling energy reserves that we have. The best way to conserve our energy supplies is to use smaller, more economical, and also energy efficient, engines in our vehicles, which use less fuel. There are also things that you can do on your truck at home, to use less gas, and save yourself some money.

Buy a Good Truck
A little bit of research on the internet will be able to show you which trucks have the best fuel efficient engines, and will give you an idea of what sort of trucks for sale you should be searching for. If you are not so mechanically minded, make sure you get someone that is qualified to check it out for you before your purchase the vehicle.

Good Aerodynamics
You see many trucks and SUV’s with roof racks and other things mounted to them in order to carry more luggage. These are usually used very rarely, so if you are not using it, take it off. This will reduce the drag on the vehicle and increase your fuel efficiency. If you have a flat bed truck, then purchase a hard top cover for the back. These can easily be removed and will increase your aerodynamics, as well as your fuel usage.

Well Maintained
You need to keep your truck regularly serviced to make sure that everything is in full working order. Changing the necessary parts as per the manufacturers guidelines, or when they it can be seen that they need replacing. If you do not know much about engines and vehicles, you will need to get a qualified mechanic to
service your truck.

Economy Gauges
There are lots of aftermarket gadgets and gizmos, which can be bought and added to your truck to help increase fuel efficiency. A good one of these is an economy gauge, which shows a real-time representation of how efficient your truck is running. This will give you a visual indicator as to the best time to change gears, and the best speed to travel at.

AC and Entertainment
The running of AC and entertainment devices in a vehicle, as well as distracting to the driver, can also increase the amount of fuel your vehicle uses. If you do have to use the AC, set the temperature higher, and on a lower level, which may assist, but the best method is to use the fans, rather than the AC.

Plan your Route
Plan your route before you travel, especially if going on a long journey, where you do not know the roads as well as you do closer to home. Satellite Navigation can be great, but it does not always know about road works or accidents, and does not always plan the best route. Sometimes it may be best to take a longer route and use a highway, as using minor roads can offer you a shorter route, but may also use more fuel. You will be able to travel at a steady speed on the highway, with less speeding up and slowing down which will drain your fuel. One of the best ways to save fuel is to cut out the small pointless trips. Instead of driving the truck to the store, get on your bike or walk the dog, and get some exercise at the same time!

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