Beastly Brabus SLS AMG In South Africa

I am quite sure this is the first known Brabus SLS AMG in South Africa but if it’s not, I don’t care, it looks awesome! The team from Daytona Customs were  responsible and they gave it quite a cosmetic overhaul. This included;

  • Carbon fibre air intakes
  • Brabus emblem for bonnet, tailgate and side intake
  • Entrance panel 2-piece
  • Carbon fibre diffuser
  • Carbon fibre boot spoiler
  • Glossy black Brabus Monoblock F wheels
They did not want to fiddle with the Mercedes motorplan on the car, so they did not opt to install the performance kit. They managed to gain an additional 30 hp by installing the oh-so-epic Akrapovic exhausts system. This will sound immense I am quite sure!

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