Exclusive Image Of Toyota Supra

As we know, the new Toyota Supra will be returning in the form of a plug-in hybrid sports car with a lot of help from BMW. Auto Express have obtained an exclusive image showing how the new car will be heavily influenced by the FT-1 Supercar concept that was seen at the Detroit Motor Show (which is awesome).

The new Supra will use twin electric motors on the front axle in conjunction with an engine-supplementing e-motor at the rear. The reason for this is to allow a greater degree of regenerative braking and handling benefits thanks to torque vectoring. This car will also feature Toyota’s first ever dual-clutch transmission to replace the slow CVT gearboxes we have all grown used to in the existing cars. The motors will be designed in house and in collaboration with BMW, they are targeting a kerbweight of less than 1400 kg. This is one mean looking machine but don’t get too excited because we probably will not be seeing it until 2017.

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