Road Race Motorsports Create Scary Little Fiat 500 Bug

I have never heard about Road Race Motorsports but I am quite glad I have now. They are based out of California and are responsible for making the most extreme Fiat 500 ever. It is packed with 250 horsepower and they have managed to get this from the same 4-cylinder, 1.4-litre turbocharged engine. They have called it the “M1 Turbo Tallini Competizione” and seeing as it weighs 54 kg less than the stock 500, it will hit the 100 km/h mark in 7 seconds. Now this may not seem that amazing but we need to remember that it is still only a FWD car but this top of the range package comes at quite a price. Road Race Motorsports are in fact asking $101 200 for the full upgrade kit (which will be limited to 50 units) but in my eyes this is not even remotely worth it! I would way rather stick to the standard Abarth.

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