AC Schnitzer Show Off Their X4 Package

AC Schnitzer is back and this time they have got their hands on the new BMW X4 crossover. They have not just stuck with styling components but also boosted performance figures for the various engines.

Starting with the styling, you can opt for the following; sports sping kits to lower ride, alloy wheels ranging from 18 to 20 inches, aerodynamic kits for both the regular and M Sport packages and then a number of interior upgrades. Performance wise you can expect the following increases;

  • 20i – from 182 hp to 242 hp
  • 28i – from 242 hp to 290 hp
  • 35i – from 302 hp to 355 hp
  • 20d – from 187 hp to 215 hp
  • 30d – from 255 hp to 305 hp
  • 35d – from 309 hp to 355 hp

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