Mercedes-Benz New Crazy Colours For G63 and G65 AMG Costs Up To R270k

Mercedes-Benz are offering the G63 and G65 AMG models in five new fresh “crazy color” options. If you are ordering your new G-Wagon, you can choose from one of the five following colours as of today. They are solar beam, tomato red, sunset beam, galactic beam and alien green. There is a catch though because these colours do not come cheap! The cheapest option, Solar Beam is priced at €15,348,62 in Germany and if you opt for Galactic Beam, you can expect to pay €19,962.25 which is about R270k. If you choose one of these colours, your side mirrors, roof, bumpers and fender flares will be finished in obsidian black. Deliveries will begin in March!


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