Koenigsegg Regera Leaks Early – 400 km/h in Under 20 Seconds

Not much is known about the car because the photo’s are leaked but we will update as soon as it comes available. Some apparent facts on the car below;

  • 0 to 400 km/h in under 20 seconds
  • Over 1500 hp combined output with 700 hp from electic motors
  • 2000Nm of torque (WTF)
  • Dry weight of 1420 kg
  • Regera means “to Reign”
  • First car with Koenigsegg Direct Driver (KDD)
  • Koenigsegg insist it is not a hybrid
  • 700 hp from electrical motors (3 times as much as any hybrid rival)
  • 9 kWh battery pack

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