Last Lion Super Car Run From Cape Town to Hermanus

The Last Lion 2nd Super car run event began when everyone arrived in their super cars at the Table Bay Hotel Parking Lot, By the V&A Waterfront at 08:30. There was a lot of excitement as the amount of cars that arrived and the types. From the Ferrari’s ranging in the California T and F430 spider, Mercedes-Benz C63 507 edition and two SLS AMG’s, to the Maserati Quattroporte and Grand Turismo’s hard and soft tops, to the Corvette C06, Jaguar XKRS and F-type, Porsche Cayman’s and Carrera’s and not to be forgotten by the 3 Lamborghini Murcielago’s and two Mclaren MP4-12c’s, but everyone was admiring a Ferrari 458 Speciale and the Porsche GT3 RS, until a loud revving and roaring orchestrated sound came from the V12 engine from a Ferrari FF that entered the parking lot. All of a sudden the attention was on the V12 FF, unfortunately to be short lived by the car of the event, arriving fashionably late. This white demon could not go unmissed. Everyone’s jaw dropped and eyes expanded from the sound and beautiful Beast like features on the Lamborghini Aventador! A crowd gathered wrapping around the car in amazement.

A briefing on the route began at 09:00 in the Union Bar section of the Table Bay Hotel, where the drivers were given a light breakfast and drinks. While this was being done Photographer Benji Berman who goes by the name of Menikmati on Instagram and Facebook was photographing the vehicles alongside videographer Junaid Samaai who goes by JSamurai. The Briefing was finally finished, and the driver’s stomachs’ was well satisfied by the food, drinks and hospitality of the Table Bay Staff. The drivers then made their way to their vehicles, started up their engines and got ready to depart around the parking foyer of the Hotel, only to get applauded by a massive audience of guests and staff of the Hotel. The Drivers were then on route to the N1 Engen Garage to fill up, use the toilets and stock up on snacks and drinks for the first stage of the total 186km journey. Arriving at the robots adjacent to the CTICC, the driver’s exhilaration was building up, as they started to rev until the traffic light changed green to go. The sight was as if a cloud of super cars took over Cape Town. They were every on the road, when you looked to left or the right, in the front or behind, you vision was blinded by the beautiful sights of a couple thousand horses stampeding for the N1.  The drive to the first stage was extremely pleasant and comfortable, as the weather started to clear up.

When Drivers arrived at the destination of the first stage, vehicles made their way to fill up, and began to park in the parking lot where they gathered for more footage and take interest in each others vehicles. A massive crowd of enthusiasts and few other smaller car and bike runs came to view the Last Lion Super car run in the parking lot. A grand exit began when the vehicles departed and were being filmed by the Last Lion Crew and members from Race Web. The second stage Destination was in Franschoek overpass parking lot. The drivers were unfortunately regulated by a low speed in Franschoek town region, due to traffic, speed bumps and stop streets. But as the drivers got to the overpass, they drove straight pass the Second stage stoppage parking lot, as the roads were open, and skies were clear!

The super cars looked as if something coming out of a movie going through the mountain passes, and winding roads, it was as if each section of roads and passes was taken from the best areas from different countries scenic routes or race tracks. Whether it be Monaco’s coastline, the German Nurburg Ring, the Spanish Canary island over passes, it fealt as if a dream came true in the Mother City. The beautiful scenery, the beautiful cars, and the synchronization of the cars gliding around the passes, seemed to be very therapeutic, as if an artist was admiring the beauty of the Mona Lisa.

The cars were being lead by Ish Kaskar in His Golden Lamborghini Murcielago, who shortly gave over the role to Rayaan Adams to lead the Pack to Hermanus. When the drivers arrived in Hermanus, they were welcomed by the local traffic Authorities of Hermanus, who pleasantly reserved and Guided them into a parking lot, alongside the Burgundy Restaurant, where the drivers would be dining. Crowds gathered, to take photos with the cars, but the drivers went inside to get something to eat, as they were starving from the long journey. Ish Kaskar gave a small contributable donation to a charity of the choice police, as a token of gratitude for reserving parking and guiding drivers. The day was well spent and satisfied, as the public got some eye candy and photos to motivate them to better themselves to achieve similar cars in their future, drivers got to make new friends, network and enjoy a scenic drive, and most importantly a charity benefited out of this event in order to support and better the community.

To view Pictures of the event follow the crew of Last Lion on the following pages Or search for #LastLion #LastLionSuperCarRun or #LastLionLifestyle:
Benji Berman: MenikMati (Facebook Page and Instagram)
Ish Kaskar: LastLionLifestyle (Instagram)
Junaid Samaai: Jsamurai (Instagram)
Rayaan Adams: Rayaan1212 (Instagram)


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