South African Pricing For New Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Now this comes as a pleasant surprise to me and I am sure to a few others. The base price on the new 991 GT3 RS is R2,8 million which is a whole lot better than what was anticipated (R3.4 million). Yes I know the options for Porsche’s are endless and they cost an arm and a leg but who would want anything extra other than one of the best looking Porsche’s ever made? The only thing I would suggest is that you choose one of the unique colours; Ultraviolet or Lava Orange at the bargain price of R48 430,00. If you were to go completely bonkers during the spec on your new RS, you could end up with a price tag in the region of R3.6 million which is still not too bad! A couple of things which scare me are the prices of some of the option. Listed below are the highlights;

  • Vehicle key painted – R4,560.00
  • Air vents painted – R21,610.00
  • Headlight cleaning system painted in car colour – R3,700.00
If you would like to see for yourself then head over to the configurator and play till your hearts content!

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