Jon Olsson’s Mental Audi RS6 DTM Is Here Packing 1000HP

We knew this project was under way and I regular checked Jon Olsson’s Instagram page to see if there were any updates well now we don’t need to check as the full product is here. This is his 1000 hp Audi RS6 DTM sponsored by Betsafe and there is a high chance that he will use this monster during this year’s Gumball 3000. So what is new on the car? For starters, it has a new set of ADV.1’s on and a 1 of 1 roof-box (carbon fibre) but the real difference is the highly insane DTM style carbon fibre kit. This car actually looks scary and with all that horsepower, it will probably be frightening to drive. Cannot wait to see some video’s of this thing!


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