Floyd Mayweather Is Getting Two Koenisegg CCXR’s One Of Them Is A R59 Million Trevita

We all know Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has a mind-bending car fleet but it is about to get a whole lot more special. Floyd is a few hours away from taking delivery of TWO Koenigsegg CCXR’s (yes you read that correctly) and one of them is a CCXR Trevita. A couple of years back there was actually a Trevita for sale in South Africa with a price tag of R30 million but now thanks to the rand/dollar exchange rate, it is now worth a whopping R59 million. Mayweather recently got rid of his Ferrari Enzo and word on the street is that his white-on-white Bugatti Veyron is also up for grabs. So you may be wondering why the Trevita is so expensive? Well this car features a diamond weave carbon fibre body (real diamonds) and there are only 3 in the world. I wonder if he will even drive it but to be honest I think it is a status purchase.

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