BMW M4 Totaled After Crashing Head-On Into Tree In Mozambique

It is never nice to see a car like the epic BMW M4 totaled like this but having driven one, they need to be treated with care or this can happen very easily. This particular incident happened in Maputo, Mozambique, and it is safe to say that this car will be send to the scrapyard. Heavy front impact has ensured the airbags are deployed inside and the engine will likely be damaged too. This particular car had been spec’d damn nicely too with some decals, M Performance parts and the almighty Akrapovic exhaust system. I am assuming the driver got a little bit excited with the traction control off which resulted in them losing control of the powerful car, leaving the road and coming rest against a tree. No word on the occupant(s) but hopefully the airbags did their job and got out ok. Thanks to the anonymous reader for submitting the pictures.

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