Driven: 2015 Maserati Ghibli S

Last week I had the chance to test out the new Maserati arrival and although its the ‘entry-level’ model, this is an epic car to drive.

Looks wise I think its on the money. It’s smaller proportions (compared to Quattroporte) makes it easier on the eye and much easier to drive but I have to admit that it is slightly less exciting. This would make sense considering its a twin-turbo V6 and not an almighty twin-turbo V8 but the more I drove this car the more I absolutely loved it.

Getting off the line, it is a little sluggish as it takes a bit of time to really wind those turbo’s up but when you hit the sweet spot, it rockets off into the distance with such ease and some awesome aural pleasure to treat you and the people around you with. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint is sone in just 4.8 seconds but if you look at the size of the car and what is powering it, this is a pretty damn good achievement.

Unfortunately the car I had did not have flappy paddles (which I love) but if you pop the tiptronic into Manual mode and Sport mode, you can really play around with the revs of the power plant and make some beautiful Italian noise. You can keep the car in the gear you want to make the shout that you want and this was a huge PRO for me (check out the video’s below).

So you have 301 kW and 550 Nm of torque to play with but how is it to drive regularly. Put simply, it is a breeze! The throttle reacts well, the brakes have more than enough stopping power and the suspension in normal mode is absolute bliss. It is a tad on the low side, especially at the front, so some steep driveways or speed humps could prove to be a pain in the a$$ but if you navigate them carefully, there is not too many situations you will find yourself in the Ghibli unable to complete. Inside the car it is typical Maserati with neat finished and a very simple console design but the touch screen resolution seems a little dated. It works perfectly in every aspect from multimedia, to navigation to the air control but in 2015, one would hope to get something with a slightly sharper appearance.

Base price on the Ghibli S is R1,622,000 which is not drastic at all considering you are getting a Maserati but there are a few competitors out there where you would get change back for the same sort of performance and quality. To me this is not the point though because you will be behind the wheel of a MASERATI!

The car turns heads, and that’s an accomplishment not to take lightly. It’s also an entry point to an illustrious brand, and a car that guarantees a good time behind the wheel. But if you’re hunting for a sturdy, luxurious vessel to last the long haul, you may look to other harbors. The Ghibli is more of a quick summer fling but you will fall in love with the fling the more you drive it.


  • Sound
  • Driveablity
  • Fuel consumption
  • Difference between Sport / Normal modes


  • Touch screen resolution
  • Front ground clearance

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