Hyundai’s HTRAC “Control the Light” Video Shows New Technology Invisible To Human Eye

An exclusive technology of Hyundai Motor, HTRAC is based on AWD technology. It’s name is a combination of the H from Hyundai Motor and the first part of the word Traction to symbolize the technological characteristics of four-wheel-drive. Unlike the mechanical four-wheel-drive systems already introduced by countless other brands, HTRAC variably controls the braking power of the left and right wheels. It can change the amount of power allowed when driving on ice or other road conditions, as well as the speed of the car, for a next-generation four-wheel-drive system that delivers stable driving on slippery roads and when cornering.

Hyundai has a new video called “Control the Light”. It uses LED lights to showcase the HTRAC intelligent power distribution system, which is not usually visible to the human eye. Hyundai set up to LED lights on each wheel, to light up with each spin. Just by watching the changing light intensity, you can witness the dynamic driving power distribution.


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