McLaren Adds 570S GT4 and Sprint Models To Sports Series Range

McLaren are expanding their Sports Series range with a track-only version of the 570S and a dedicated 570S race car built to FIA GT4 standards. The track car will adopt a similar approach to the 650S Sprint but the new race car will simply be called the 570S GT4. Like most GT4 cars, the 570S GT4 is closely aligned with the production model on which it is based. This includes sharing an engine and transmission. The engine delivers 562 horsepower in the road car but this will likely be restricted for motorsport duty.

What is very rare in GT4 is the carbon fibre monocoque chassis of the car and McLaren say that this will be the first time the technology has been used in the GT4 category. The car includes a unique aerodynamic package which includes a GT4-spec high level rear wing, a larger front splitter and a reprofiled floor assembly. As you would expect, most of the interior pieces have been removed and replaced by a roll cage, fire suppression system and other items required for racing. McLaren says the 570S GT4 will be homologated for most GT4-spec championships around the world. The price tag for the race car is set at £159,900 (approximately $227,570).


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