BMW Are Indeed Making The i5 And It Will Be All-Electric

We all know there is a large gap between the BMW i3 and i8 and now they have plans to fill that gap with the introduction of the i5. It will likely be an all-electric sedan and will appeal to individuals that want to carry a bit more cargo than the rather small i3. Specs are very much a secret but an interview between Car and Driver and the head of product at BMW i, Henrik Wenders, revealed some information about the vehicle. They will offer a range-extending engine on the car as an option which removes previous rumours about the car possibly being a hybrid. “We are thinking of a new i model above it (the i3) to attract families, and that means it must be capable of being the first car in the household.” Range is the biggest concern with electric vehicles and while Wenders acknowledged that a larger vehicle would be expected to have a longer range, he didn’t go into specifics.

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