Frozen Long Beach Blue BMW M2 Looks Pretty Stylish

A member over on Bimmerpost has recently shared pics of his brand new M2 and the frozen Long Beach Blue looks amazing!

Hey guys,

I figured I’d create a thread for my car to highlight current and future mods. This is the first time I’ve done anything significant to a car before so hopefully you guys can enjoy the ride with me. I plan on owning this car forever so look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment.

Currently, I’m focusing on cosmetic upgrades. For now, I’m content to let the tuners and brave souls figure out what makes the most sense on performance enhancements. I look forward to following in the footsteps of others. In the meantime, my goal is to make my car stand out in a crowd but not push the boundary of being obnoxious.

After picking up my car on Saturday 4/16, I drove roughly 80 miles to get it home and immediately parked it. We were experiencing shitty weather in Texas so I just let it sit in the garage. The following Monday, I dropped my car off at XPEL to get a full Stealth wrap and Prime XR tint. It was somewhat disappointing to pick the car up and then immediately relinquish it but ultimately, the wait was worth it. I was able to finally pick my car up today, a full week and a half later. The XPEL team did a fantastic job and you can see pics of their craft below.

The windows are 35 all around excluding the windshield, of course, which is tinted with something in the high 80s. The benefit of the windshield tint is heat and UV repulsion and it is equally effective as the windows, despite the light rating.

I’ve also added the M Performance grills, gills, and spoiler. I am undecided on the diffuser (would like to see one in person) and suspension (not sure my driveway can handle it). I plan on getting the steering wheel when it becomes available.

I also have HRE R101s on order in Brushed Dark Clear. I will update this thread when they arrive in the next month or so.

For now, here are some iPhone pics of the car in my driveway. I’d like to get a proper photo shoot done once I get the wheels.

Hope you guys enjoy this build as much as I have so far. I’m super stoked to finally be driving this beast of a car.

P.S. I need a proper custom plate. Feel free to throw out suggestions.

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