This Rather Tame Looking Ferrari 488 GTB Packs 888 HP

Most of us knew that when Ferrari decided to go the turbocharged route with the 488 GTB tuners would jump on this in a flash. German tuning company VOS is one of those tuners and they have created a bi-turbo monster wearing 488 GTB clothes. VOS stands for Vision of Speed and their prancing horse package pushes power output to no less than 888hp and an earth-moving 1233 Nm of torque. If you don’t want (or can’t handle) all that power, you can opt for the 740hp or the 830hp packages. The tuner did not offer any performance numbers but you can be sure that they will be insanely impressive.

Visually, the car received a carbon-outfit, composed of front and side sills, a multi-part diffuser, mirror caps and tailored intake, nothing too outrageous that would indicate the potency under the hood, although the vehicle’s contrasting carbon fiber inserts and dynamic stance could be a giveaway.

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