McLaren 688 HS Breaks Cover Packing 680 Horsepower, Limited To 25 Units

The team over at AutoGespot have picked up one amazing scoop with the first official pictures of the McLaren 688 HS. We saw a spyshot some time ago of the car sporting a large rear wing and now we get to see what the beast will actually look like. Basically it is a High Sport version of the 675LT but this car produces 13 horsepower more than the LT and it is 40kg lighter too. The fixed rear wing seems to be GT3-inspired and it comes with a full DRS system. According to various sources, the car is louder than the 675LT and only 25 units will be produced. Customers who have used the MSO program extensively will be given first choice but a limited edition McLaren looking this mental is likely already sold out.

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