Lewis Hamilton Wants To Make ‘LH Series’ AMG

When Lewis was interviewed by motoring at the global premiere of the AMG GT R, the F1 champ mentioned that he plans to build an even wilder vehicle with AMG in the future. “They told me they were doing this project and they’d love me to get involved. They showed me the car and when I first saw it they’d already designed it. I had all these ideas but they couldn’t be added to this [GT R] model. It’s already pretty awesome, but I said to them hopefully in future I can do something where I could do my own spec.” said Mr. Hamilton. He did not go into details about what he is planning but did say that talks are already underway with Mercedes. Can’t help but wonder what will be produced if Lewis get’s his way. Think along the lines of a beefy V12 with ridiculous aero taking it as close to an F1 car as possible.

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