McLaren 650S Successor Coming A Lot Sooner Than You May Think

McLaren are being extremely ambitious as we know with their 15 new cars before 2022 approach but what will blow your mind is that the 650S successor could arrive as soon as next March! This will likely be at the Geneva Motor Show and this will also probably piss off a lot of their clients with a 650S. Some clientele are already annoyed with all the versions of the cars they are bringing out and a successor to one of their Super Series is not going to go down well. It currently has the codename P14 and will have close to (if not more) than 700 hp from a more advanced version of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8. They will likely aim at making a bigger gap between the 570S and the current 650S (as the gap is tiny) and according to Frank Stephenson, the design will be a “big leap”. “It’s unpredictable. It will raise eyebrows. It’s got a lot of things that just haven’t been done in car design before.” For now we are going to have to be patient until we see a leak or some more official information is released!

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