BMW Joining GT4 Racing With M4 GT4

GT4 racing is certainly on the rise and what you see here is the upcoming contender from BMW. The new M4 GT4 will actually be replacing the M3 GT4 and it joins the BMW Motorsport lined up consisting of the M6 GT3 and the M235i Racing. As you might expect, it is very closely based to the production M4 mechanically but differs greatly when you look at the bodywork. The carbon-fibre hood is lifted directly from the M4 GTS and is joined by carbon doors, a racing exhaust, and a track-specific front splitter and rear wing. Inside it features the same seats and pedal box from the M6 GT3.

Customer teams can expect to take delivery starting in the second half of next year, paving the way for a potential race debut at the 24 Hours of Dubai in January 2018. Some of the competition it will have to face include; the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, Maserati GranTurismo MC and KTM X-Bow GT4, to name but a few.

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