Ferrari Not Confirming Or Ruling Out FXX K Evoluzione

The Ferrari FXX K is the ultimate prancing horse to own with 1,036 hp and 900 Nm but are they going to go one step further with and FXX K Evoluzione version?

To get one of the XX car’s you need to prove yourself to Ferrari as Enrico Galliera, the man in charge of the rarefied series explains to Top Gear. “They drive their Ferrari on a track, decide they like it, then they enter the Corsa Clienti training, and we can bring them up to a race license level. Then maybe they have a go in the 458 Challenge car and the Challenge series, and after that they can choose between the XX program or driving our F1 cars.”

Back to the FXX K Evoluzione and although Galliera says they aren’t working on such a model right now, they are thinking of ways to improve it.

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