These Singer Masterpieces Were Built For The Same Lucky Guy

There is a company known as Singer who are responsible for creating some of the most desirable Porsche 911’s in the world and their two latest cars are going to the same lucky owner in Minnesota. They are called ‘Luxembirg’ Targa and ‘Minnesota’ Coupe and as you can see from the pictures below, they are breathtaking. Each Singer car is names after the place where the owner lives and these two beauties will be shown off on the lawns of Quail Lodge.

“The Minnesota coupe and the Luxemburg Targa are clear examples of the wide range of services we can provide our customers to enjoy,” said Rob Dickinson, founder and creator of Singer Vehicle Design. “What seemingly began as simple color customization and engine desires has emerged into a truly bespoke means of extending a customer’s yearning for ‘special wishes.’ We’re deeply committed to incorporating nearly anything our clients can visualize and we deem feasible.”

The Targa Car

  • Based on 1990 964
  • Tyler Tartan upholstery
  • Deep Orange exterior paint
  • Navy blue leather
  • Factory folding black roof
  • 390hp 4.0-litre flat six mated to six-speed manual
The Coupe Car
  • Based on 1994 model
  • Gunmetal Grey paintjob
  • Tobacco brown interior
  • Special blue tachometer
  • 380hp 3.8-litre flat-six mated to six-speed manual
Singer has only delivered 50 cars since 2009 and they have another 80 of them on the waiting list.


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