Hellcat’s And Others Can Be Converted To RHD

I know of many individuals who would want to buy and bring in a LHD performance car to South Africa but it is almost impossible to do these days. There is a dealer in London, Clive Sutton, who has just announced that they will be doing a host of right-hand-drive conversions for markets that require this. The conversions cover a wide range of models, from muscle cars to pickup trucks and huge, luxurious SUVs and can be ordered from both domestic and international clients. One such model is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the conversion will set you back £32,400 so it does not come cheap but if you really want one of these cars in SA, you will need to fork out the cash. We already have Hellcat’s in South Africa but I am not sure they are legally licensed at the time of writing this.
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