Ready For The Road But Not Quite Old Enough? Here Are Your Options

You’re eager to get on the road, you have been since the first day you bought a Hot Wheels. Or, the first time that you went cruising down a highway in GTA. But unfortunately, you’re still not quite old enough to get behind the wheel of a real car on the highway. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to let that small fact stop you from the feeling the need for speed.

Borrow Some Private Land

The law is sketchy when it comes to driving off the road. But, if you have some private land it is technically legal to drive a car uninsured at any age. We say technically because if you run into any issues like, oh we don’t know, hitting someone, you can still get in trouble. There’s also the slight issue of land limitations. Unless you own a farm with wide stretches of land, there won’t be many places you can go. Except up and down your driveway of course. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can drive freely on someone else’s private property though. You can’t and they’ll have every right to get the cops involved.

Driving Lessons At 11

In the Uk, you can now get driving lessons at the ripe old age of eleven. We have heard that there are similar driving schools across America now as well. Don’t worry, you’re not going to start seeing eleven-year-olds cruising down the highways, sitting on phonebooks. These lessons take place off road and out of harm’s way. You’ll usually find that the lessons are based around driving an off-road vehicle rather than your typical car. Kids also go flying around fields in the vehicle instead of on tarmac. That said, they can still learn a lot of useful skills like how to start the car, put it in gear etc. It also puts them a little bit ahead when it is time for them to learn how to drive.

Buy A Scooter

In most places, you can ride a scooter legally considerably earlier than you can buy a car. It’s useful if you want to get some cool points while you’re still in school. Trust us when we say not many kids are going to have a vehicle with an engine in the early years. You can break the mould by looking at Tao Tao Scooters. These nippy rides are perfect for beginners and will give you a lot of fun on the road. Parents shouldn’t be too worried either. Riding one doesn’t have the same horror stories attached that motorbikes usually do.


Okay so maybe you’re not old enough to drive. But you can still get behind the wheel of a car. A virtual one that is. Right now, it’s possible to buy a virtual reality headset and a racing game that will make it feel like you’re driving. The problem with this is the price. Quality VR headsets cost close to five hundred. With that price tag, it would be better to buy a scooter and have some early fun on real roads.

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