Signal Green BMW M3 Competition Package Ticks All The Right Boxes

Signal Green is one of the brightest colors you can spec on the BMW M3 thanks to the Individual program and this particular Bimmer has the Competition Package and pretty much every single Performance accessory available for it. Chris Marino, General Sales Manager of Century West BMW in Los Angeles had the following to say

“It won’t be for everyone, but then again, that’s entirely the point. Plenty of Alpine White, Silverstone and Black Sapphire variants out there, but if I’m going to get an M3, why wouldn’t I want it to stand out?

This is, in and of itself, a limited-production variant. Think of this car 30 years from now—assuming it hasn’t been relegated to scrap, it will be singularly-exciting because of its color. I can see it in a Barrett-Jackson auction or in someone’s personal collection. It’s a show-stopping trophy-car.”


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