Are The Hidden Dangers Of Wear And Tear Making Your Car Unsellable?

As we all know, cars depreciate. They lose value over time because of the assumption that wear and tear is going to take place. However, if you’re not protecting the car from the very worst of that wear and tear, it is going to do a lot more damage to your vehicle. Here, we’ll look at how to keep your vehicle in top shape for a lot longer.

Dirt and grime
There’s little you can do to avoid a bit of dirt and grime on the road. That’s even more true of vehicles taken off-road. However, if you’re not taking care to make sure that none of the mess is lingering around for too long, then it can begin to do some proper damage. More than a regular car wash, it’s a good idea to get a pressure washer to use underneath the body on a regular basis. You should protect the insides with the right covers if you’re driving with the roof or windows down, too.

The elements
Of course, the weather can throw a lot more at you than a little dirt. Especially in the winter, you need to prepare for the effects of the elements. We’re not just talking about equipping yourself with the right tires to tackle the road. You should be bringing your car inside more often or using full car covers. Otherwise, you might find that even a little bit of hail can cause real damage to the body that could be particularly expensive to get repaired.

Those harmful rays
Just because the weather is fine doesn’t mean that your car is safe from some wear and tear, either. The sun can do a lot of harm to your car. It can cause fluid levels to drain when you’re not looking. It can also do a lot of damage to the exterior paint. It can even do harm to the fabrics inside, baking any dust and dirt into the seats. It would do you well to protect the car from the danger of high temperatures. Applying the right coating to the paint and using window tinting to protect the interior from the UV rays, for one. Checking your fluids regularly is a good idea, too.

Your driving
It’s not all about wear and tear on the aesthetics and materials, but how your driving affects the car’s performance, as well. When it comes to the engine, one of the worst mistakes a lot of drivers make it pushing their car too hard, too soon. When you start driving, especially a new car or in the winter, take it slow to begin with and give the engine time to heat up. Note that we’re not talking about letting the engine idle. That can do a lot more harm than good. Simply drive at a gentler pace to begin with. No sharp brakes or speedy accelerations.

The more you protect your car from the elements, the sun, dirt, and even your own driving, the more it will retain its value. Besides, no-one wants to drive a car that looks and feels like it’s been through the wars.

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