Do You Have A Case Of Car Vanity? Keep It Looking Sleek With These Top Tips

Whether a car enthusiast or simply a car owner, everyone wants their car looking great. A car’s cleanliness is a testament to how much attention you pay to it. In this day and age of materialism is says a lot about the owner. It can be quite tough, especially if you live in a muddy or dusty environment. However, there are varying ways and products which can help your car look sleep without costing you too much time or effort.

Use Paint Protection

Whether you’ve got a supercar or a New Peugeot you want your car’s paintwork to look good and last a while. Using specific paint protection products can give your car a protective layer that will stop damage to pain from potentially corrosive materials. Bird droppings can be corrosive, as can certain types of dirt. Using paint protection essentially chemically removes dead paint and leaves the paint looking brand new with a high gloss finish. These days you can even get nanotechnology products known as smart paints. They offer the highest gloss finish imaginable and protect your car, forcing water and mud to simply slide off instead of getting stuck to your car. It can be expensive, but in terms of paint treatment it comes second to none. You can find a fuller comprehensive guide to paint protection here.

Rust Protection

If you live in particularly corrosive areas such as by the coast where there is lots of salt in the air then you should consider rust proofing your vehicle. It is usually done by adding a protective layer to vulnerable bodywork and the undercarriage. Rusting bodywork can cause all kinds of problems such as lower performance to your car being unable to operate so if you think there is a risk then it could be money well spent. No one wants a car speckled with orange rust, not only is it damaging, it looks bad.

Tyre Shine

Keep your tyres looking brand new by using special tyre shine. Not only does it give your tyres a welcome bright sheen but specific tyre shine can also protect your tyres from corrosive materials, leaving you with peace of mind. You can find the best tyre shine sprays reviewed here.

Refurbish Your Alloys

If your car uses alloys then you’ve likely chipped or scraped them a few times. It’s unfortunate, but it happens and can be unavoidable. If you chip one of them in a particularly bad way then it can be worth getting them professionally refurbished. The scrapes and chips will be buffed out and the alloys themselves repainted or resprayed. You can also buy alloy protection kits where you can protect, clean and maintain them yourself. If you do this over a long period you will be left with better, longer lasting alloys. They can be tough to clean, meaning you need small brushes which take some dexterity to use. They get dirty quite easy too, which is why it is best you treat them as much as possible so the dirt doesn’t stick as easily.

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