Ferrari Reveals Serious Looking 488 Challenge

The Ferrari Challenge kicked off back in 1992 which makes next year the 25th season and what better way to take up the Challenge than in the mighty 488 Challenge. It becomes the first turbocharged Challenge car and although it has the same 670 horsepower as the road-going car, it will be a lot faster. This is thanks to some “specific engine mapping, optimised for racing performance”, shorter gear ratios and undisclosed tweaks that allowed for a “reduction in overall powertrain weight”. There are not many stats on the Challenge as of yet but it is known that it will go from a standstill to the limiter in fourth gear in just six seconds. If you ask us, that sounds properly rapid!

Along with the turbo engine, the 488 Challenge is the first Challenge car to get the Side Slip Control which is there to ensure the car gets into, through and out of a bend as fast as possible. Challenge cars usually get some pretty radical aero and this is no different at all. It get’s a new bumper (with even more aggressive front canards), a big rear wing inspired by the 488 GTE. The bonnet is completely new, its vents directing hot air from the radiators over the car. Even the rake of those radiators has changed to more effectively direct that air towards the vents. Finally the rear intakes, there to cool the brakes and further boost downforce. This is one serious looking machine!

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